Tips to start saving in 2021

If saving more is among the resolutions of the new year, our personal finance experts leave you with some suggestions to start acting and increase your savings.

With the year 2021 approaching, it’s time for balance sheets on what’s past, and resolutions for the year that begins. In an atypical year marked by a Covid 19 pandemic that has spread to the four corners of the world, taking learning from the moment is fundamental.

When …

11 businesses up for 2021 in Brazil: ideas for entrepreneurship in the “new normal”

Businesses on the rise for 2021 reflect the profound changes that the “new normal” represents for the market.

Today, we live in a scenario of global recession and we see the first signs of a post-pandemic on the horizon, but everything is still very uncertain.

At the same time that undertaking seems risky at this moment, the creation of new businesses will be fundamental to boost economic recovery next year.

Besides, every crisis has its …