11 businesses up for 2021 in Brazil: ideas for entrepreneurship in the “new normal”

Businesses on the rise for 2021 reflect the profound changes that the “new normal” represents for the market.

Today, we live in a scenario of global recession and we see the first signs of a post-pandemic on the horizon, but everything is still very uncertain.

At the same time that undertaking seems risky at this moment, the creation of new businesses will be fundamental to boost economic recovery next year.

Besides, every crisis has its opportunities, and whoever understands first the new consumer needs will come out ahead in 2021.

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  • How to develop your business plan for 2021.
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More than that, they will be an important part of Brazil’s economic recovery after a considerable crash and an unprecedented crisis caused by the coronavirus.

According to the OECD forecast published at Uol in December 2020, the country’s GDP should close the year with a 6% drop and advance 2.6% in 2021.

At the same time, the organization says that “for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, there is hope for a brighter future,” thanks to expectations about vaccines next year.

In the field of entrepreneurship, there are reasons to believe in a better 2021: even during the quarantine, more than 782,000 businesses were opened in the country between May and August 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Economy published in Estadão.

The volume is 6% higher than in the first four months of 2020, and the main explanation is the Brazilian’s determination to undertake in the face of a situation of recession and unemployment.

So, if you are thinking of opening a business next year, you can be part of the Brazilians who will drive the recovery of the economy and explore the new reality of the market.

11 businesses on the rise to invest in 2021

As expected, the businesses on the rise to invest in 2021 are linked to sectors such as technology, delivery and healthy living – a reflection of new post-pandemic consumption habits.

Check out some ideas to undertake in the new normal.

Information technology e-commerce

According to the Webshoppers report nº 42, published by Ebit | Nielsen, the e-commerce segment with the highest average ticket increase in the pandemic was computer products.

The online stores of the category had an increase of 50% in the average purchase value of customers and a growth of 101% in revenues in the second quarter of 2020.

This type of business can be focused on the sale of ready computers and notebooks, in addition to parts and accessories, or the assembly of computers on demand.

The most prominent companies in the segment have as differentials the assembly services, quality certificates, advanced guarantees and production of computer content.

Development of mobile games

One of the markets that exploded during the pandemic was the games market, with record revenues of $ 851 billion in 2020, according to data from Newzoo published in the IG.

The mobile segment alone invoiced R$ 402.5 billion, thanks to the exponential increase in game downloads to cell phones.

In this scenario, the development of mobile games becomes a potential business for next year.

The apps can be published by Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store – just register as an individual or company and pay a single fee to publish and sell the application.

Trade wearables

Sales of wearables grew 265% in the first quarter of 2020 and reached a turnover of $ 438 million, according to data from IDC published on Mobile Time.

Among smartwatches and fitbands (watches and wristbands connected), were sold more than 318 thousand wearable devices in the country in this period.

The segment growth was pulled especially by Generation Z (young people born between 1992 and 2010), which has been adapted to bracelets that register heartbeat and running speed, glasses with personal assistants and watches that obey commands.

Therefore, it is worth betting on the sale of these devices for 2021, since the trend is here to stay.

Subscription Clubs

The recurrence economy is already a global trend, and 2021 promises to be the year of business using the subscription model.

In Brazil, the subscription club market grew 10% until September and should close 2020 with 12% – an impressive advance for a pandemic and global crisis scenario – according to Betalabs data published in Valor Investe.

In 2015, there were only 300 companies in the sector, and today the estimated number is almost 4 thousand clubs, which moved together over R$ 1 billion in 2019.

Check out which segments stood out:

  • Books (27%)
  • Beverages (18%)
  • Food (17%)
  • Personal care (12%)
  • Pet (11%)
  • Others (15%).

The possibilities of signature clubs are numerous: wines, beers, sweets, natural products, make-up kits, cosmetics, pet accessories, barbecue items, coffee capsules and any frequent consumer product that the public can receive at home.

Just find a niche market that hasn’t been explored yet and open your business to bill with recurring payments.

Sale of vegetarian and vegan products

The vegetarian market was already growing and continues to be a sure bet for 2021.

According to the most recent Ibope research about alimentary habits, published in 2018 in the G1, 14% of the Brazilian population already declares itself vegetarian (30 million people).7

Besides, 55% of the Brazilians declares that they would consume more vegan products if the ingredients were indicated on the packaging, while 60% would choose the vegan option if it had the same price of the product they usually consume.

In the USA, 25% of the population between 25 and 34 years old declares themselves vegetarian, according to Euromonitor International data published on Istoé Dinheiro.

The major proof of the potential of this market is the fact that great animal protein companies such as Seara, Sadia, Perdigão and fast-food chains such as McDOnald’s and Burger King have launched their vegetarian and vegan lines recently.

On the small businesses, vegetarian restaurants, marmite companies without animal origin products, vegan cosmetic companies, plant-based products manufacturers and several other segments full of opportunities for 2021 grow.

Sale of natural and handcrafted cosmetics

In the wave of environmental awareness and search for sustainable products, natural cosmetics gain prominence in the beauty market.

According to a Teads platform study published in 2020 in Brazil Beauty News, 62% of Brazilians believe that cosmetics should be formulated only with natural and organic ingredients.

Although it is recent in Brazil, the segment has great growth potential for 2021, because it is in tune with changes in consumer habits post pandemic.

According to Thiago Pissaia, creator of Nesh, a handicraft cosmetic brand from Curitiba, the population is looking for the naturalness of the products that were sold on 1940 and 1950 decades, which had less chemical additives and didn’t represent health risks.

In an interview to DC Mais de 2020, he states that the main current trends are soaps, shampoos and conditioners produced with natural actives and without the addition of harmful elements or synthetic ingredients in its composition.

Another interesting trend is the one of shampoos and solid conditioners, which have superior effect to the liquids and dispense the plastic from the packaging.

Real estate business

The real estate market was one of the most resilient during the coronavirus crisis, with 8.4% growth in the sale of apartments, according to data from the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC) published in the Gazeta do Povo.

Real estate financing jumped 70.1% in September, compared to the same month in 2019, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities (Abecip) published in the same article.

For the president of CBIC, José Carlos Martins, the pandemic has boosted the sector due to the growing appreciation of the home, the house and the family.

He says to Gazeta do Povo that the market is very optimistic for 2021, when the supply of inputs should be normalized and launches should grow again.

So, this can be the right moment for the entrepreneur who thinks on opening a real estate.

Car rental service

Car rental was one of the services that gained strength in 2020, as car sharing became risky due to the pandemic.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte and published in 2020 in Folha, 56% of young Brazilians (generations Y and Z) consider it unnecessary to own a car in the future.

To serve this audience in the current reality, car rental companies present themselves as an intermediary solution between dealerships and sharing applications.

Therefore, the trend is for this market to grow even more and become one of the booming businesses of 2021.

How to develop your business plan for 2021

In addition to aiming for high business in 2021, you also need meticulous planning to succeed in the “new normal”.

Even with the optimistic expectation, it is important to have in mind that the uncertainty continues dominating the global scenery, and that we still don’t have how to foresee the performance of the companies next year.

The only certainty is that the Brazilian entrepreneurs have the claw and creativity necessary to overcome any crisis – and that we will be together next year, in growth or recession.

So, if you feel you are ready to open a business, follow the trends closely and start planning as soon as possible.

After all, it is the successful post-pandemic entrepreneurs who will dictate the future of the market.

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